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If You Use Plastic Milk Jugs, You’ll Want to Save them for This

Night time during a survival situation can be pretty scary for many people. A lot of people will get very uncomfortable and nervous when the lights go out. Imagine yourself, maybe you’re home, maybe you’re bugging out and in a strange place and you’re in the dark.

I know we all have

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Need an Easy DIY Candle when the Lights go Out? Try this

I would image that most of you have plenty of extra light and heat sources in your preps. But there is a very cool, easy DIY candle that you can make that can last for days.
DIY Crisco Candle:

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Are Condoms Part of Your Preps? Here’s 20 Reasons Why they Should Be.

I’m almost certain that when it comes to prepping there are certain items that never cross your mind to pack in your bug out bag or your preps. One of those items is probably condoms. I mean when the SHTF safe sex is probably not at the top of the priority list right?

Something that is

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One Sneaky Trick to Remove a Stuck Ring

Do you know what one of the most common injuries is in day to day activities? It’s a hand injury. Imagine how frustrating a broken finger, gash, cut or sprain to your hand is. If you use your hands a lot, and most preppers do while maintaining their preps, then having a stuck ring, cutting

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3 Things That Might Save Your Life Before Bugging Out

When it comes to discussing survival, preparedness or any SHTF scenario, the first thing everyone jumps to is bugging out. However, if you push all the media and hype of survival off a cliff, and look through the fog you will find that there is a lot of time and planning that goes into

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What Prepping Supplies Do I Need – Getting Started

Recently Ive have received a few questions about what prepping supplies you need after you get the basics down. Even though there are about a million posts about what to put in your bug out bag and other prepping supplies, I figured I would write this series and have it all in one place for

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Teaching Kids How to Prepare

Prepping with Kids
My experience tells me that kids are more capable of adopting a prepper’s lifestyle than many of their adult counterparts. It’s fun, it engages their imagination, and they don’t yet have to worry about being self-conscious as their non-prepping friends and

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