If You Use Plastic Milk Jugs, You’ll Want to Save them for This

Night time during a survival situation can be pretty scary for many people. A lot of people will get very uncomfortable and nervous when the lights go out. Imagine yourself, maybe you’re home, maybe you’re bugging out and in a strange place and you’re in the dark.

I know we all have

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Need an Easy DIY Candle when the Lights go Out? Try this

I would image that most of you have plenty of extra light and heat sources in your preps. But there is a very cool, easy DIY candle that you can make that can last for days.
DIY Crisco Candle:

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Are Condoms Part of Your Preps? Here’s 20 Reasons Why they Should Be.

I’m almost certain that when it comes to prepping there are certain items that never cross your mind to pack in your bug out bag or your preps. One of those items is probably condoms. I mean when the SHTF safe sex is probably not at the top of the priority list right?

Something that is

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Freedom One Troop Care Packages

Stand with Our Heroes
The mission of Freedom One is to increase the morale of active members of the Military who are deployed to combat zones.  We support our troops by preparing and shipping care packages consisting of snacks or hygiene products.  We want our heroes to know we stand with

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One Sneaky Trick to Remove a Stuck Ring

Do you know what one of the most common injuries is in day to day activities? It’s a hand injury. Imagine how frustrating a broken finger, gash, cut or sprain to your hand is. If you use your hands a lot, and most preppers do while maintaining their preps, then having a stuck ring, cutting

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Concealed Gun Carriers: Will this Change the Way You Carry Your Gun?

I don’t really want to bring up old news, and some of you are probably tired of hearing about it, but sometimes it is necessary to look back at certain situations and see what we can take away and learn from them. Today I want to share with you some key lessons we can learn about gunfights

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Freedom Prepper’s 2014 Year in Review

Its that time of year, 2014 is quickly coming to an end, and we wanted to round up our top articles from the past 12 months. These articles still hold pertinent and actionable information that you can use to get better prepared.
Freedom Prepper’s Top 12 of 2014
1. Bizarre Yet Simple

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